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Why investing in REO Properties is a wise move?

The full form of REO is “Real Estate Owned.” This means owners who are failing to pay the taxes, are with the tax lien. Then investors buy these tax lien certificates to get the interest from the entire transaction. Normally REO properties from Tax Deeds are cheaper.

Now why investing in an REO is a Wise Idea?

In America, foreclosed properties and properties with tax deeds are on the rise, and every once in a while there are scenarios where the homeowners cannot pay the loans and taxes anymore. This, in turn, leads to foreclosure or the authorities issue tax deed in the name of the property. This means this deed will prevent the house from being sold until all the due taxes, penalties and interest are met.

Therefore, REO from tax deeds is beneficial for buyers as well as the investors. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. In the case of REO’s from tax deed, the property is owned by the tax lien investors.

The investors pay off the due tax and earn the interest from the owners. But every investor after a certain point of time gets stuck with tax deed properties. When this happens, these investors sell these properties at a very less rate which covers the money they have invested with some extra bucks to it.

For example, there have been instances where the property is valued at $20k, but after the tax deed was issued, the investors sold it to the buyers for as low as $2.5k. In REO’s the buyer is assured to get the property at a very affordable rate.

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How can Tax Deed Investors help you?

Tax Deed Investors is a new company which deals specifically with distressed properties. The team of Tax deed investors, gather the list of distressed properties from municipalities, banks, etc. This proves the data they provide are completely authentic, and they can help you to get the perfect property which suits your needs.

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