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Trading Tips for Investors by Gorilla Trades

Are you thinking of investing capital in stock buying? There are a lot of stock recommendations sites everywhere on the internet. Conversely, how do you choose the best one where you can assure a return of investment?

Grabbing the number one spot in having the best stock recommendations 2019 is the Gorilla Trades. Providing stock picking services for 20 years, Gorilla Trades have saved time for investors by helping them analyze which stock picks (a.k.a Gorilla Pick) is best to buy for the existing market.

What is Gorilla Trades?

In the world of stock investing, Gorilla Trades provide the best stock analysts to do the stock research for you. These analysts are very well-experienced in the trading industry, offering share recommendations conveniently and easily with just a few clicks!

How it Works

Gorilla Trades serves as a platform for stock picking, where updates on stock picks are delivered every day by the analysts. This updates would help you, the investor, in finding possible cost-effective trades in the market.

Every stock pick comes with complete information on the company’s profile, recommended tips on trading, and definite guidelines in trading. This information provides you with several points of entry while setting a stop loss level, enabling profit in your investment. Moreover, subscribers can access the entire history of the trades made and can, therefore, see the trend and evaluate the performance of stock picks in the previous days or even years.

Trading Tips

Now that you know how Gorilla Trades works, here are some trading tips for you:

  1. In any of your Gorilla Pick, you should not invest greater than 5-10 percent of your capital.
  2. In every trade, move with an exit strategy.
  3. 3. Construct a recent portfolio for about 3-4 months containing 20-30 of the strongest stock picks.
  4. Spread your capital within first target profits.
  5. Every trading transaction has 2-3 times chances of gaining at least 12-24 percent while having 6-8 percent possible loss.
  6. Be patient in waiting for the “Confirmation Day” as this will greatly diminish risks in trading and conserve your capital.
  7. Create a solid selection of winning stocks by going for second targets, allotting 25 percent of your capital.
  8. NEVER go for new stock picks that “gaps up” to greater than 5 percent at the market opening.
  9. Be aware of the stock trends and the market environment and always have a plan when entering and exiting the trade process. You can look for Gorilla Trades review to come up with a plan.
  10. DO NOT let your feelings affect your trading decisions to the point where you over-invest your capital or have a fear of taking risks, limiting your gains.


If you have money and you’re looking to buy stocks for investment, Gorilla Trades would be your best bet. Search for Gorilla Trades reviews and learn more about it.