The Rise of the “Cheating Game”

The game of poker quickly spread across the Mississippi thanks to the river players of the 19th century. The earliest written accounts of the game of card poker were by Jonathan H. Green, where he referred to poker in his writings as “The Cheating Game”, a title that probably refers to both the idea of ​​”bluffing” and to the main body of the game and as long as poker is rarely found in card games), as well as the amount of money lost for those who were unlucky enough to lose their money to river players from that period.

Poker soon became part of American culture during the Wild West era in that country. There is hardly a lounge or hotel that doesn’t play poker in the back room or at the table.

Until recently, poker was considered a card game played at children’s parties or by professionals at illegal gambling houses or casinos. With the rise of the internet and the sudden rise of varieties of poker like Texas Hold’em, poker has become popular on social media. Now everyone plays, from housewives to professional gamers.

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The growth of poker game

The game of poker is rapidly gaining ground both in the United States and abroad. Poker kits are flying out of gaming stores, and many stores have reserved poker tables due to recent demand. There are now cable channels dedicated to card games, and high-stakes games are broadcast across the country. Poker has become a real cultural phenomenon; one that has made the most of the internet.

Before the advent of online gambling sites, the poker player had to sit at a table with other players to place bets on the game of poker. Since most of the game of poker involves bluffing (pretending you have a better hand than you actually have), the visual cues that one player might pick up on from another (often called “telling”) were critical to true success at the game. Now card players can play, bet and brag without even seeing their opponent, shifting the emphasis from physiological cues to psychological pressure.

Poker websites

Today, there are literally hundreds of poker sites catering to both novice and professional poker players, where hundreds of thousands of dollars can be won or lost in a single hand. Most poker sites try to create a relaxed and “player friendly” environment in an attempt to allay the fears of novice players. Most of them give new players more freedom to “wander” through the various “rooms” and even see the games in progress, so that they can “feel” the differences between playing online and playing live poker more traditional.

The card game of poker has undergone radical changes. This is no longer a game played by card sharks and humans in smoke-filled rooms hidden from the general public. Now it is played by housewives, businessmen, and even old ladies.

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