The Different Options for Cold Chain Shipping

When you need to ship an item and keep it at a certain temperature, it pays to work with the right kind of shipment. One of the most common forms of shipping that you can use for moving an item that must retain a certain temperature balance is known as cold chain shipping. When used in the right way, these shipping solutions will really help you to make sure that you can get items in transit without having to worry about loss of quality or any drop in the temperature during the trip.

One issue that you might have, though, is picking the right option for cold chain shipping. Through companies like Soft Box Systems, you can easily get items moving without risking a loss of quality. some of the most common types of cold chain shipping include:

Pallet in Pallet Shipping

This is very useful when you need to move large quantities of different payloads and keep them at a safe temperature level as they move. These are often very popular choices when you have to keep an ambient temperature or a chilled temperature across a long-term move, offering the kind of cooling that you would expect for as many as 120 hours.

This is the perfect choice when you need to guarantee that your items can be shipped across large distances without any risk to the temperature. This helps to reduce wastage and improve the accuracy of each shipment you send.

Thermal Covers

Thermal covering is a fine choice when you need to move a lot of items across a medium distance, using a chilled, ambient or frozen condition. These help to keep reflectivity down, making sure that the temperature is not likely to increase or dangerous to a dangerous level during the trip.

You will also find that these multi-layer insulation systems will help you to really improve the way that your items are transported. They can often move across much larger distances using a service like this, helping to offer the coverage needed to allow for safe, simple transport.

Reusable Shippers

This is the most common choice when you need to move anything from 4-24l of items across a longer distance and duration. Using chilled, ambient and/or frozen temperatures, this allows for quick and easy selection of all of your goods without any stress.

Capable of lasting for as long as 120+ hours in transit, this makes it easy for you to get your cold chain storage and shipping carried out even for long-distance trips. If you don’t have much to transport but you need to get it transported quickly, then using a series of reusable shippers makes sense.

With this in mind, then, you should be much more likely to help find a storage option that is going to suit your needs. If you are looking to help make transport and shipping a bit easier than before, with the guarantee of safe transit without a dangerous increase in temperature, consider using cold chain shipping services like those listed above.