Some great cryptocurrency news sites

On a regular basis, we can find at least one news headline related to cryptocurrency and blockchain in our newspapers. This much popular are these two terms. Whether you are an investor or not you must have heard about these terms. Recently, the youth icon Elon Musk had changed his Twitter bio to Bitcoin. And after that, there are so many people who started searching about these terms.

In the last 2-3 months, there is an increasing number of investors who are entering the crypto market.
When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is always something new that awaits the miners and the crypto enthusiasts. All this news must be covered thoroughly to provide authentic news to the world.

Today, I am going to list some of the cryptocurrency news websites that provide the genuine and latest news to the world.

1. CCN
It is a Norway based media company dedicated to providing all crypto-related news.
You can also find valuable Blockchain insights on CCN, and other vital information regarding the market like ICO Calendar, cryptocurrency news, market cap, DLT events, etc.

2. TodayOnChain
This website collects all the data from other crypto news sites and then provides you with the most abundant crypto-related data. TodayOnChain is more like a news aggregator that forwards the trending news of the crypto and blockchain industry.

3. CryptoEmotions

CryptoEmotions is a dedicated news website that provides all the recent news regarding all the major cryptocurrencies in the market. Apart from the news, you can find valuable educational articles that will make you learn more about the industry.

This web CryptoEmotions have a special section where they have articles related to different terminologies of the crypto market. That articles are really helpful for a beginner to understand the basics of this market.

4. Null TX
Earlier known with the name The Merkle, Null Tx is a dedicated news platform for the latest on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.

5. Cryptovest
An ideal place to get all the information regarding the ICOs and the blockchain industry, Cryptovest is a leading news and media platform that you can come across. They are primarily dedicated to top crypto news regarding ICOs and all the necessary information regarding it.

6. Blockonomi
Launched back in 2017, Blockonomi was founded with a motto to cover all the aspects of fintech, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain economy.

Abiding by its name, is exclusively dedicated to the wide range of Bitcoin news. From news to information articles, you can find it all at

8. Forbes
The magazine was launched back in 2017 and soon took the digital version as well. Forbes is a leading outlet that covers the entire news regarding the DLT industry.

There are plenty of crypto sites in the market that can provide you with recent news. But, it is essential to find the most authentic source. If you are also in search of such reliable and credible sources, the above mentioned are a very great choice.

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