How are Aluminium Extrusions made?

Aluminium extrusions have become a vital part of manufacturing producing components that are versatile, efficient and extremely cost-effective. The extrusion process is now used to manufacture parts for a variety of industries and takes a minimum of time to complete. Aluminium is a versatile metal that is malleable and easy to work making it the prime choice for the economic extrusion process.


The initial stages of the process include manufacturing a three-dimensional die in accordance with the required design using traditional or computerised toolmaking skills. The highest degree of accuracy needs to be achieved to ensure components are extruded to a perfect size and shape. Intricate, complex cross-sectional designs can be created in one streamlined procedure by using aluminium extrusions. When completed, the die is fitted to appropriate machinery.

Heating the Billets

Components measuring several metres in length can be manufactured through aluminium extrusions. Billets of mill finish or ‘raw’ aluminium are heated until the aluminium has softened sufficiently to an ideal malleable consistency. Pressurised hydraulic rams are used to force the aluminium through the pre-cut die. While still pliable, the aluminium extrusions are transferred to a cooling table where the extrusions are pulled into shape.

Cutting the Aluminium Extrusions

As a soft metal, aluminium is ideal for a variety of procedures including cutting, slicing and sawing as its malleable properties resist splitting and tearing. Long lengths can be sliced vertically to produce batches of components with complex cross-sectional profiles. The process is popular for producing large quantities of a diverse range of parts such as radiator grilles or shelving at a cost-effective price.

Curing the Extruded Aluminium Components

Aluminium extrusions need to be cured to finish the process. If left to age naturally, the procedure could take months but by heating to an incredibly high temperature of at least 400 degrees Celsius in a special oven, curing can be completed in as little as twenty minutes ensuring speed and efficiency for large orders.

Packing and Delivery

As soon as the heated extrusions are cool enough to handle, various components can be assembled to produce finished goods ready for delivery to their final destination. Edmo have more than forty years of experience of manufacturing aluminium extrusions to the highest quality. Aluminium extrusions are perfect for manufacturing products in a short time frame at cost-effective prices.