Five Things That You Must Remember About Jewelry Store Theft

Chances of theft in the jewellery shop are more during holiday season. During such occasions usually there are more rush and thieves also like to take this opportunity to sneak into the store and take a chance.

As the jewellery theft is increasing day by day, you also need to be smart enough to prevent and track the theft of your small items like double pearl earrings that can be easily sneaked out without any notice.

You must keep in mind the following few things to prevent theft in your jewellery shop.

1- Jewellery theft can be done in many different ways

Nowadays thieves are smart as people have increased their security level. They too are inventing many new innovative ideas to steal jewellery items and outsmarting all your security gadgets.

Often, they come in group and create certain distractions when the attention of everyone gets diverted. Sometimes they try to replace original jewellery with imitation or sometimes create credit card fraud.

2 – Check physical inventory in regular frequency

Though complete checking of the inventory is not possible on a daily basis but at least all the expensive items must be checked before closing of the shop. Also, it is essential to do entire stock checking after certain frequency.

Keep following things in mind:

  1. Vary your timing of stock checking
  2. Make more than 1 person responsible for counting
  3. Rotate the items to be checked on daily basis
  4. Review the surveillance footage regularly

3 – Employ well educated staff

Keep your staff well educated about various security procedures that you are going to adopt time to time so that it will be possible to keep a tab when there are extra rush hours in your shop.

4 – Prefer to hire an extra security

Try to use extra security for your shop both during the business hours and also during the time when your shop remains closed after evening

5 – Be more vigilant during evening

As per the statistics available maximum theft occurs in the evening when your staffs are also totally exhausted after discussing with the customers. Therefore, try to remain maximum vigilant during these hours.